Thursday April 7th, 2016 18:50 Slow networking on Hyper-V guest VM and the VMQ setting

So, I ran into the situation today that many who run Dell servers have: I just built my first VM on a brand new server, and the network performance is complete dogshit.

Now, many know by now that the problem is related to the Virtual Machine Queues setting. Your usual 2ms ping to Google is suddenly 200ms. RDP is a joke, if it works at all.

So, I went in to the VM settings, to the network adapter, and in to the hardware acceleration settings page. I uncheck the VMQ option. It does not work. I restart the VM. It does not work. I restart the host**. It does not work. I light my hair on fire. It does not work.

It wasn’t until I rephrased my Google for the 7th time that I came across a Sysprobs post that actually included pictures showing that the stupid setting was also in the physical NIC config too.

That nonsense in the VM setup where you tell it not to use the hardware capability at all? Doesn’t matter. You have to outright disable it.


On a side note, as I was working through this, I happen to mention my stumpedness to a decidedly higher-ranking colleague, who shared possibly my favorite compliment of all time:

(recounting comment about me said elsewhere) “He’s kind of a know-it-all, but he’s also kind of a know-it-all.”



**This puppy has the new 12gbps SAS interfaces, which, even with lowly 10k drives in RAID5, pushes 500MBps read/write, so they might as well be SSDs – full restart, start to finish, is 75 seconds.

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